Ceramic Cigar / Cigarette & Tobacco Accesories


We also manufacture a wide selection of ceramic cigar & cigarette accessories from our factory in Southern China. In addition, our sister company manufactures other cigar & cigarette accessories in other materials (polyresin, wood, plastic, glass & metal). Please contact for more information.
Ceramic Humidor (Cigar Storage Jar)

Ceramic Jars have been used to pack cigars & cigarettes for many years – some dating back to the late 18th century. They are generally cylindrical in shape, with sizes ranging from 5” up to 8” in diameter and 6” to 10” in height. The lids either generally have a cork seal or more recently a plastic seal around the inside top rim. They can have a humidifying device in the inside of the lid and sometimes are lined with cedar.

Colours can be in a plain white stoneware / porcelain or with a solid colour glazed background.

Generally a decal is applied, giving a rich glazed finish with a competitive, Chinese manufactured price

Cigar Storage Jar


Ceramic Ashtrays

The range of ceramic ashtrays is huge and only limited by imagination. We manufacture both larger, premium cigar sized ashtrays and smaller cigar & cigarette ashtrays. The larger cigar ashtrays tend to have 2 – 4 cigar rests, the smaller ones generally have 4 rests. They are frequently manufactured for special occasions, e.g. the anniversary of a particular brand or new product launch; they are also frequently to promote a brand e.g. in a pub or restaurant.

Generally a decal is applied with the logo or design, which after being fired onto the ceramic cannot be removed or damaged by the ash.

Triangular Ashtray



Specialized packing can be manufactured to enhance the product and ensure it displays your brand in the best way possible.