Ceramic & Pottery Containers,Storage Jars & Cookie Jars


A simple cylindrical storage or cookie jar would be manufactured with a solid colour glaze and then a logo fired on as a decal. This is quick and makes it easy to accurately reproduce a logo. These ceramic jars are generally used for storage, e.g. product storage, food packaging (e.g. coffee jars) or other specialized uses (e.g. ceramic cigar humidor, candle jar).

Decorated jars can have a decal or may be hand painted &/or embossed. Using dolomite we can manufacture very complex shapes that when painted come up in bright, vivid colours. These kind of jars are often used for OEM / licensed or other custom design cookie jars.

The links here show just some of the solid color glazed, decorated storage & cookie  jars we have manufactured in the past. (We are unable to show all designs due to licensing requirements and client confidentiality.

Many other custom shapes can be custom molded in line with your design. Logos can be fired or embossed on to any design on request, and our European designers can help develop specialized packing to complement the finished product.  Alternatively, we can ship in a plain, bulk packed carton.

Plain / Solid colors

This shows some of the variety of solid glazed colours available.

Selection of solid color glazed ceramic jars & bowls.
Selection of glazed ceramic food storage jars
11-200013 set /4
Selection of upright glazed ceramic cookie jars
11-20011 set / 3
Selection of general purpose glazed ceramic storage jars
11-20015 set / 3
A specialized coffee jar manufactured at our China factory for a European client
11-20008 set / 2
A specialized ceramic jar humidor manufactured for an American client
Cigar Jars
A set of ceramic jars with enclosed in a rattan basket
11-20017 set / 3 with rattan basket

These ceramic jars are typically used for product storage, food packaging (e.g. coffee jars) or other specialized uses (e.g. ceramic cigar humidor, candle jars)


These jars tend to be manufactured in stoneware / porcelain or dolomite. Stoneware provides a low cost, durable storage jar which can then be painted with a design or have a decal applied. Dolomite allows the molding of much more complex jar shapes, with heavy embossing and a bright white base ceramic that will display colors to their best.

A storage jar set with decal fired onto the surface
11-200007 set /3
Set of ceramic cookie jars with hand painted designs
11-20012 set / 4
Dolomite jar set with a hand painted design
16-00032 set / 4
Dolomite jar set with a hand painted design
16-00106 set / 3
Dolomite food storage jar set in a more complex shape
16-00081 set / 3

These ceramic jars are typically used for storage, e.g. licensed product, cookie jars. Chinese hand painted ceramic containers are among some of the best in the world; coupled with attractive manufactured prices, they have a wide application



Lids can just rest in place, or be fitted with a cork plug or with a plastic or rubber seal around the rim. They can also have a metal clamp to hold the lid in place.

If a logo or decal is fired onto the ceramic, this provides a permanent reminder of the product or company and cannot be removed .