Indoor & Outdoor Ceramic Pots, Planters & Bowls


Glazed pots & planters are generally with a solid glazed colour and no further decoration. This provides a water tight pot or vase with a deep, rich glaze. A logo can be embossed into the ceramic.

At our factory, we also are skilled at hand painted finishes – this allows very complex designs that have a hand crafted, free-flowing finish that looks less "manufactured"

If you wish to have your own oem / custom design or licensed design manufactured, please contact us for more information.

Solid Color Pots, Planters, Vases & Bowls

The following vases show a selection of solid color glazed vases and bowls we have manufactured in the past.

All these items are  fired at a high temperature to produce a rich, deep, lustrous  glaze. All the product is waterproof and suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Low flat ceramic lotus bowls in solid ceramic glazes
Lotus Bowls 11-99999-LG
A rectangular, flat bowl set in solid ceramic glazes
"T" Shaped Vase 11-99999-TG-06
A selection of ceramic vases in color glazes
"M" Shaped Vase 11-99999-MG
A smaller, upright shape suitable for dried flower arrangements
"N" Shaped Vase 11-99999-NG
A thinner version of a classic vase, suitable for dried or fresh flowers
"O" Shaped Vase 11-99999-OG
A selection of ceramics vases, suitable for flower arrangements and single flowers or buds
"P" Shape - "Q" Shape - "R" Shape
Porcelain Planters

The following pots & planters are a selection of hand decorated porcelain & stoneware plant pots.

Hand painting gives a more artistic touch that gives the final product a less "manufactured" appearance. All the ceramic is suitable for indoor or outdoor use and can be produced with a drain hole if required.

Certain shapes can be nested, allowing a much larger quantity of pots to be shipped in one container.

A selection of outdoor pots with a hand painted design
A selection of nesting outdoor pots with a hand painted design with drain hole
A selection of glazed ceramic outdoor pots with a raised mosaic hand painted design
A selection of glazed ceramic pots with a hand painted design
A selection of glazed ceramic pots with a hand painted design
A selection of glazed ceramic pots with a herb designs forming a four piece herb set
The Herb Garden
A selection of hand painted designs on different indoor and outdoor glazed pot shapes
Eastern Treasures